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The Museum of the Vistula Reservoir


Ul. Rybacka 64

82-104 Kąty Rybackie

Contact details:

Tel. 55 247 87 77

The Museum of the Vistula Reservoir was created in 2002 and is a department of the Central Museum of the Sea. The museum is located next to the port in Kąty Rybackie.

This is the home of the former boatbuilding workshop which provided boat repairs and maintenance. The tools in the workshop are owned by the Schmid family from Łaszka near Sztutowo. The Museum of the Vistula Reservoir also has the only preserved traditional fishing boats, such as the barkas and żakówka, and a boat built of sticks and stones and a sailboat with length of 10 metres. The museum also offers lessons in tying fishing knots and the interesting history of the past fishing methods.

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