Nordic Walking on Kąty Rybackie (The Red Trail)

You start the journey heading westwards (the continuation of the car park. At first, the trail goes along the yellow tourist trail. After 700m you reach the crossroads where you turn North (right). The road leads across an undulating area near the Black Cormorant and the Grey Heron Reserve. After climbing several hills and covering a distance of about 1km the trail arches to the right. You find yourself in a pine wood where you may hear the characteristic hum of the sea. You are about 200m away from the beach but the trail goes through the woods. Some 100m further on the trail bends to the right again. The sandy road runs across small ravines and hillocks. Having passed another 400m the trail takes a sharp left turn. The marshy ground has formed a tree stand, producing birches and majestic spruces. Strolling along a narrow footpath for five minutes leads you to an asphalt road, which you have to cross to reach a marvellous beech forest. Another 5 minutes walk and you reach the intersection with the blue Nordic Walking trail called “The Eastern Forest of Kąty Rybackie” (“Las wschodni w Kątach Rybackich”), which you may choose to follow if you want to take a little detour to diversify your hike. Then the red trail branches to the right, running along the blue trail. A wide forest road going southwards for some 300m leads you to a gravel road which takes you back to the starting point at the car park.

Name: Red Trail “The Eastern Forest of Kąty Rybackie”

Difficulty: easy

Lenght: 4.3 km

Road type: forest vista, gravel road

Altitude difference: 20 m

Completion time: about 1 hour



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