Nordic Walking Kąty Rybackie (The Blue Trail)

After some 300m you approach a road junction, where you turn left. You hike in a wide forest vista towards the north. At this stage the blue trail runs along the red trail, while you are immersed in a marvellous beech forest. Another 300m further the red trail branches to the left, while you continue straight ahead, climbing small hillocks on the way. Some 200m later the trail arches to the right, and another 100m away to the left again. After a climb you turn right, passing a small ravine. Sauntering along the sea shore you might catch a glimpse of the blue sea on the left. This way you amble for approx. 400m to turn right again onto a wide forest road, winding its way through this diversified terrain. Having walked 100m you reach the yellow PTTK (Polish Tourist Country Lovers’ Society) trail. The further part runs along two parallel trails – the yellow hiking trail and the blue Nordic Walking trail. One kilometre further on you reach the crossroads where all Nordic Walking trails meet. Now, you are only 300m away from the car park where you started.

Name: The Blue Trail “The Eastern Forest of Kąty Rybackie”

Difficulty: easy

Length: 5.2 km

Road type: forest vista

Altitude difference: 20 m

Completion time: about 1 hour



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