As some architectural relics are very conveniently located, their historic interiors have become home to public-utility institutions.

The building of the Former Social Insurance Institution ( ZUS) in Gdynia

One of the most emblematic buildings of Gdynia designed by Roman Piotrowski built in the years 1935-1936.

This is one of the most important examples of Gdynia's modernism. It consists of an office building of Social Insurance (ul. 10 Lutego 24) and a residential building for employees of the Social Insurance Institution (ul. 3 Maja 22-24). The shape of the building is covered with tiles of a bright sandstone ; it combines three sections of varying heights with a distinctive round corner. Flat façade with ribbon windows represents the international style, while the residential building - the form of streamlined functionalism. Before the war, office building housed shops, and on the ground floor and basement - the famous café "Café Baltic". After World War II it was the seat of Polish Ocean Lines. Currently, it is the Gdynia City Council, Gdynia Enterprise Support Centre and Municipal Tourist Information. The building is one of the elements of Gdynia Modernism Route, located on Route 1. It has been entered in the register of monuments 05.07.1972.