Żuławy to kraina, którą cechuje niespotykany nigdzie indziej w Polsce prawie całkowicie płaski teren. Najatrakcyjniejszym szlakiem rowerowym na Żuławach jest Szlak Mennonitów. Przemierzając ten szlak poznamy historię osadnictwa na obszarze Delty Wisły oraz unikalne domy podcieniowe, gotycki kościółki, tzw. zagrody holenderskie oraz reliktowe cmenarze mennonickie. Poznaj szlaki rowerowe na Żuławach!

The Motlawski Trail

One of the most popular trails of Tri-City and the surrounding area connecting Gdansk and Tczew.

The trail is marked red and leads along the river Motlawa. On the route there are several interesting Gothic churches and examples of the regional construction industry. The seemingly monotonous Żuławy landscape becomes after a more thorough visit becomes extremely intriguing. Motlawa river which crosses the flat and vast tracts of Żuławy meadows, flowing calmly through the picturesque medieval villages. In the spring time tulip fields can be seen to the horizon.

The route is easy, flat, runs on less frequented public roads, bike paths, dirt, and near Gdansk, on the concrete slabs. Ideal for a few hours trip, along with a tour of the sights and attractions featured in Tczew, you can even extend it to the whole day. The trip can start in Tczew, which is well connected with the Tri-City via train station.

Route length: 38 km

Track difficulty: easy

Parent surface: concrete slabs / asphalt

The time it takes to cover the tour: 3-4 hours

Recommended type of bike: trekking bike

Route: Gdansk - Tczew


0 km - Gdansk Main station (PKP / SKM trains). We head down the Waly Jagiellonskie street and Okopowa street, near the Provincial Office ( the start of the red trail), then Augustynskiego street, Pod Zrebem street, Lower Gate and the former bastion of the Motława river area.

1.9 km - Lowland Gate. Flow around Motlawa bastions of the 17th century. We go down the street of Mostowa along the Motlawa river according to marking trail.

3.2 km - Olszynka. The ruins of the mansion from the early 19th century.

6.9 km - Krepiec. Radunia estuary and the Black Hurst to Motlawa river, the new Southern Ring Road bridge.

9.1 km - Krepiec. The pumping station. Attention! The possibility of crossing the bridge in the direction of Przejazdowo and the Sobieszewo Island.

11.4 km - Wislina / Mokry Dwor. Historic old bell tower in the cemetery, historic park. Attention! The ability to drive right towards Pruszcz Gdanski. We're going to the left and to the right near the church, on a bicycle path (Mennonite Route).

15.7 km - Wroblewo. Charming village with a half-timbered church beautifully situated on the banks of the Motława river, created in the 16th century. The new footbridge leads directly to the church.

18.7 km - Grabiny Zameczek. On the remains of the former castle of the Teutonic Knights, rebuilt in the 17th century. Today, a neglected residential house. Formerly a wooden aqueduct over the river Klodawa upon Motlawa river.

22.6 km - Suchy Dab. A Gothic church.

25.8 km - Krzywe Kolo. A Gothic church of the 15th century, arcaded house.

29.2 km - Kozliny village. A Gothic church, a half-timbered granary.

34.5 km - Czatkowy. The old Vistula shafts.

37.1 km - Tczew. Near the Vistula shipyard and a port, the opportunity to travel to the old town, the boulevard and bridges of Tczew. Museum of the Vistula River, Factory of the Arts, two Gothic churches.

37.8 km - Tczew railway station.

Foto: M. Bieliński - Dep. Turystyki UMWP