The Palace and Park Complex in Główczyce

From the second half of the 15th Century to the end of 1945 the Główczyce estate was in the hands of the affluent family of von Puttkamer.

The last landowner was Gerhard von Puttkamer. Główczyce, similarly to Cecenowo, proved to be the last refuge of the Kashubian tongue. The last service in the local dialect took place in 1886. In the inter-war period Główczyce, administered by the Puttkamers, was at the forefront of prosperous villages in the district. It housed three banks, and a number of production, service, and manufacturing facilities. The village was also an important educational and culturally-active centre with an array of sports, singers and artistic associations. Among the finest monuments in Główczyce is the palace – a witness to the epochs gone by. Built in the mid-19th Century in the Gothic Revival style, it was subsequently given its south wing in 1910 – 1911. In ground view the palace is T-shaped. The building was made of bricks and topped with a gable roof. It is a one-storey construction with a basement. Its 19th-Century door woodwork and the complete furnishing of the office with Puttkamer coat of arms survived into the 1990s. However, in 1995 a fire broke out, causing severe damage to this historic structure.




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