The Benedictines’ Convent Complex in Żarnowiec

In 1279, the Duke of Pomerania Mestwin II granted the convent special privileges. The brick convent complex was constructed at the turn of the 15th Century. The Assumption of the Holiest Virgin Mary’s church, which is part of the complex, is made of brick, with a tower above the entrance from the west, crowned with a pitched roof with a stellar vault. The presbytery hosts a richly-decorated Baroque altar (from approximately 1700). The centre presents the scene of the Annunciation, the main characters of which – Mary and Archangel Gabriel – were dressed in silver apparel around the year 1740, which was probably made by the great Gdańsk goldsmith, Jan Gotfryd Schlaubitz. The side altars are equally beautiful, as is the 18th Century baptismal font. Besides this, the temple is home to painted stalls, a Rococo pulpit, and supports in the shape of human faces and angels.



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