The Manor and Park Complex in Warcino

After 1660 the property was bought by Otto von Massow and later on re-sold to his Excellency Adam Joachim von Podewils. From 1765 Warcino was owned by Werner von Podewils. After his death, the estate was inherited by his daughter who, upon her marriage, brought Warcino as a dowry to the von Blumenthal family. The year 1867 saw the slightly derelict property bought by Chancellor Bismarck. From that time until the end of World War II it was passed on first to his son Wilhelm and then to his grandson Wilhelm Nicolaus.

Among the finest buildings preserved in Warcino is a palace built around 1664. Since the palace was Bismarck’s favourite residence, it underwent multiple redevelopments and extensions. The building was built on a plan comprising four rectangles with a tower located between the western part and the palace’s wing. Warcino Palace is one of the best kept and equipped historic structures in the Słupsk District. Many of the original elements from the Palace’s furnishings have survived into modern times, including the fireplace room that used to serve as Bismarck’s office during his times, the hunting room and the white room. The palace is nested amidst an 18th-Century park, boasting many specimens of old-growth trees.



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