Lubiatowo Dune

As a result of the dune’s movement towards the south-east, the mouths of several streams were covered over and lakes started to form, flooding the Lubiatowo settlement. Originally, the village was situated about 0.5 km north of its current location. Although the inhabitants tried to fight the elements, the village eventually lost. The people acknowledge the superiority of the forces of nature and moved the village to higher land, where today’s Lubiatowo now stands.

Traces of the old settlement were discovered during drainage work on the Small Lubiatowskie Lake (Małe Jezioro Lubiatowskie). Under a layer of mud, house foundations and the remains of wooden walls were found. Due to reckless human activity, the migrating dune also covered stretches of forest and meadows. The strong winds, which brought about its migration, made it a threat to humans. A similar fate once befell Łeba, where part of the town was covered by sand.

In the immediate post-war years, there was an intensive dwarf mountain pine planting operation carried out on the Lubiatowo Dune. After the war, the Forest Research Institute conducted experiments connected with the afforestation of dunes. Experimental plots are still discernible, featuring various species of trees and shrubs.

Today, the dune is almost fixed, although its eastern part is still migrating to cover the beech forest. The pace of movement depends on the strength and direction of the wind, and ranges from 2 to 4 m per year. It is an inland dune 35 m above mean sea level at its highest point, which makes it an excellent observation point to view the Baltic and the nearby woods.

Autor: P.Syrocki, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




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