Lake Kopalińskie

The lake is encircled by a pine forest, rich in mushroom and full of cosy corners. Its silhouette resembles the letter “L”. The banks of the lake are overgrown and irregular in shape. The roots of nearby trees “grow into” the water creating little jetties.

Angling is allowed here and encouraged by the presence of numerous attractive fish species: tenches, breams, crucian-carps, roaches, pikes, perches and eels. In the summer season, there is a bathing area in the lake and a campsite. This provides a rich selection of accompanying services, including a water equipment rental facility, campfire spots and a volleyball court. The village centre features restaurants, souvenir shops and a stud farm.

Autor: P. Syrocki, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie

Foto: B. Trepiński, Starostwo Powiatowe w Wejherowie




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