WILLA LUBICZ *** (hotel)

There is a straight path leading from the villa to the wooden pier reaching far out to the sea, which has a view of the steep seashore of the cliff and the fishermen’s port. During the summer, a beach performance is opened by the Gdynia Theatre. After a stroll on the pier, guests can enjoy the hotel apartments along the Orłowo cliff. The interior decoration is inspired by the nineteen thirties, while the warmth from the fireplace and the home-cooked meals make the atmosphere of the hotel worthy of a pre-war health resort.

The Willa Lubicz Hotel offers its guests fifteen one and two-person rooms, the luxury Captain’s Apartment with a viewing terrace over the sea and an intimate conference room. The guests can also enjoy the sauna and jacuzzi.

Within the exquisite interiors of the Willa Lubicz restaurant, which radiates an atmosphere from the nineteen thirties, the guests are catered for by the chef, who is a master at preparing unique dishes. Each specialty of the Willa Lubicz surprises you with original compositions and enchants you with the wealth of taste experiences. The list of the carefully-selected wines will allow the proper coronation of every meal.



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