Villa of Countess Magdalena Łosiowa

Commonly known as “Łosiówką” – designed by a company of Zbigniew Kupiec – Tadeusz Kossak. . The house with its bright elevations and body shaped by offsets is an example of an elegant aesthetics close to the French avant-garde. The villa attracts attention with its horizontal arrangement of masses, arcade entrance, pergola set on pillars, corner glazing, as well as the garage and fence which match the rest of the building. The lines of its chimney and round pillars are emphasized by means of darker facing. Small, yet really neatly arranged garden, as if enter into the building through the arcade pillars. Formerly, the villa neighboured with the old Steinberg manor house located on the cliff which gave Kamienna Góra its name. At present, “Łosiówka” houses the Polish Marine Court. This building is on Gdynia modernism route.





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