The tower mill in Zdrzewno

The structure stands on a hill in the eastern part of the village. It was built in 1765 and used until the mid-20th Century, when its interior was damaged in a fire. This brick building, designed on a circle with a diameter of 9.5 m, is characterised by a massive body crowned with a roof structure, once moved on a bearing and featuring sails that would automatically adjust to the wind direction. The area of the windmill is 240 sq. m., its volume 900. Once many local estates had such windmills, but as they went out of use in the contemporary economy, they were demolished. The only one preserved is the tower mill in Zdrzewno.

Autor: M.Krzciuk, LOT Ziemia Lęborska

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP



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