Route no. 7 Stilo (black)

Following the signs we enter the old road to Kopalino, which runs along Biebrowo Canal. After 1,1km we pass a forest barrier, take a few bends, folow straight section of the road, turn left and after 3,8km from the beginning of the walk join the black route from Kopalino. Moving vertically towards the sea after 5km we pass a forest stable and than cross a gravel road. Here the route from Kopalino turns right and we turn left after a slight climb and join PTTK red route. After 6km from the beginning of the route we enter the service zone and walk along it until we reach no51 entrance, where we turn left. 100m further we join the yellow route. Following one of the most difficult sections, after 10km from the beginning of the walk we reach the junction of the four routes. Here the red route and the yellow route join our route and accompany us until the end of the walk. Following a wide seaside alley and passing horse-drawn carts (during summer season) we come back to Osetnik. After another 400m we come to the starting point in the car park.




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