The Stilo lighthouse (Lighthouse Trail)

In the current location of the lighthouse, there once was a wooden navigational sign with drastically-less reach than the current structure.

Construction of the Lighthouse

Unfortunately, due to the short range of the light, ships often lost their sea lane in this area and ran aground in the offshore shallow waters. Therefore, it was decided to demolish the sign and build a genuine lighthouse.

The construction of the lighthouse was completed in 1906. It was built on concrete foundations, which supports the steel elements of the core of the lighthouse, which were transported by sea to the construction site. In the vertical cross-section the tower is a hexadecagon, it is widest at the base – 7.3 metres – and gets smaller with height, reaching 3.9 metres at the top.

The main body of the lighthouse was painted in black, red and white stripes. The structure is 34 metres in height from the base to the light. Since 1975 the source of the light has been its own electricity generator, which provides continuity for the lighthouse light, even if there is a power outage.


Latarnia morska Stilo w okolicy EuroVelo 10, fot. P. Książek /

During World War II the tower, along with the surrounding buildings, were not extensively damaged. After the cessation of war operations the lighthouse was re-opened in April 1946. The lighthouse keeper at that time was Wojciech Jagusiak, a soldier of the Border Protection Army. The next lighthouse keeper was Stefan Łozicki, whose son Romuald steers the sailors into the port to this day.

stilo 1

Latarnia Stilo, fot. Pomorskie Travel




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