Route No. 3 – via Załakowo

The journey begins at the marvellous surroundings of the “Dworek na Błotach” (Marshland Mansion) in Załakowo. The hike commences at a car park from which you head leftwards. The whole route is along dirt roads. After about 465m you turn right. Strolling amidst the fields you pass by a roadside cross, still heading forward. Within 700m there is the village of Kowale, which you cross, and after some 450m you turn right. At the 2nd km of your excursion you turn right. Then, another 500-metre walk and another right turn. Having rambled amidst the fields for some 800m you turn right again. Yet another 600m and, following the markings, you take a turn leftwards. Finally, a short walk slightly up the hill and you are back to where you started.



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