Route no. 24 Okrężna (yellow)

While walking along the roupe special caution should be exercised on the final 1,4 km section, where the route follows the tarmac road connecting Bożepole with Chmieleniec. The road ends in Chmieleniec so the traffic is not big. It is essential to have asphalt paws ready. After a warm-up we walk west along the River Łeba. On the zebra crossing we walk into Szkolna Street and after 600m we reach an open space. We walk along a dirt road and after 600m we reach an exercise board next to the football pitch. After a while we turn left and admire the view of the Ice-marginal Valley of the River Łeba. After passing the cementary we reach a pulse measuring point. We pass the forester’s lodge and walk between the buildings of Chmieleniec. After 2,3km from the beginning of the walk we reach a tarmac road and we turn left while the rest of the routes turn right. We walk along the tarmac road and along Chmielnickiego Street we come to the point where we started our hike. Notice that most of the route is fitted with street lights.




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