Route no. 23 Widokowa (black)

The route is marked out along forest roads, sandy roads, fields, a tarmac road and on a short section of cobbled surface. The route connects the villages of Robakowo, Milwino, Dąbrówka and Góra. Starting the walk we go between the buildings of Robakowo. We cross a tarmac road and along Królewska Street we walk for1400m and reach Milwino. We walk a 100m along a pavement parallel to a tarmac road. We cross the road and walk into Kaszubska Street and than into Szare Szeregi Street. After 3,8km from the beginning of the walk we turn left by a shrine. Along a road between trees we reach a crossroads. The route’s signs, marked on a characteristic boulders, tell us to turn right. After another 100m we reach a viewpoint with a beautiful panoramic view of the village of Luzino. After 100m, near the power line of Żarnowiec, we turn left. While walking we pass hunting platforms,a roadside cross and a commemorative obelisk. Along Krajobrazowa Street and than along Rzeczna Street we reach a cobbled road in Dąbrówka. A 400m section of this road takes us to the centre of the village where we turn left. An exercise board is located near the playground. We walk on and after passing ‘Dąbrówka’ Stud we enter a clearing with a viewpoint. Walking on we cross a tarmac road and by characteristic roadside we turn left into the forest. After another 600m we reach a route junction and walking on, having done 15,5km we reach the starting point.




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