Route No. 2 – via Smołdzino

You hit the road at the Żuków Stadium gate (Książąt Pomorskich Street). At first, you follow the green NW trail down the road made of concrete panels (about 250m). Then you take a sharp turn left onto a forest footpath. You pass a waterfall on the right and walk over a footbridge. Some 30m later you meet a gravel road and make a hard right turn. Following this way you pass another footbridge and some 200m later you take another turn to the right onto a steep upward slope, leaving buildings behind. On reaching the hilltop you take a quarter turn left. After a 100-metre walk you reach Mickiewicza Street, where you turn right. You pass the last buildings on the outskirts of Żukowo and make for Smołdzino. Having passed by a cross you hike a rocky track uphill to a ravine. You pass a large farm on your left-hand side (about 2km from the cross). Next, curving slightly to the left, you pass another cross on your left-hand side and after some 1.3km you hit an asphalt road connecting Borkowo with Smołdzino. You turn left into the street and immediately U-turn to the right onto a dirt road named Techlinka Street. Then you go downhill, skirting Lake Techlinka and alongside the forest move straight ahead, slightly upwards. Having passed some 2km from Smołdzino you reach a gravel-road intersection where you turn left onto a neck of land between buildings. Now you are 1km away from an asphalt street, where you need to turn right for Borkowo. You make for the first buildings on the left and turn in the same directiononto a gravel road. You continue ahead for about 1km, where you see a dirt-road intersection. You head rightwards to the marked trail in the direction of Smołdzino. In order to return to Żukowo follow the same route in reverse.



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