Route no. 15 Białogóra (black)

We start our walk entering an educational path. After 500m we turn left and having passed the buildings we turn left heading for the stud farm. First we walk along a road paved with concrete slabs and than having passed the stud farm we enter a dirt road. From here we start circling a nature reserve with Atlantic vegetation. After 2,9km, having passed the barrier we reach a pulse measuring point. Having measured the pulse individually we compare the results with the data included in the table on the board. After 4km we reach the eastern-most section of our route. Walking along the coastal technical zone we head for Białogóra. On the right we can admire the view onto the beach and the sea. After 7,2km from the beginning of the walk we reach the main road linking the centre of Białogóra with the beach. 200m further we turn into the forest again. At the junction of four routes we turn right. After a few bends and having done 13km we come back to Białogóra and finish our walk at the starting point.




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