The Wybickis’ Manor in Sikorzyno

Sikorzyno is the so-called "family nest" of Józef Wybicki, who authored the Polish national anthem.

The manor came into the possession of the Wybicki family after the settlement of a dispute over the land property between them and the Sikorski family.

Unfortunately, the original manor house did not survive and its current form is the result of several redevelopments and renovations. After 1945 it housed a primary school and later on to it was grocery store. The building aroused the interest of an art historian from Gdańsk, who built and renovated it at his own expense. Currently, it houses a museum, furnished and fitted in the fashion of old manors.

The estate managed to keep its tiled stoves, furniture and equipment dating back to the turn of the 19th Century. The property adjoins a modest park with a partially-preserved old linden stand and a three-hundred-years-old oak tree, considered to be a nature monument. Another highlight is a topiary labyrinth extending over an area of about 0.4ha.

Wybicki Manor in Sikorzyn, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Wybicki Manor in Sikorzyn, photo: Pomorskie.Travel

Each year since 2005 in the last Saturday of May, the place has hosted the final event of a mass hike for children and young people called “Majówka z generałem Wybickim” (“Picnic with General Wybicki”). The event forms a symbolic link between the Museum of the National Anthem in Będomin and the Wybicki Manor in Sikorzyno.



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