The Our Lady of Częstochowa Church in Kiezmark

Kiezmark is a village located on the Vistula which once was an important crossing on the river. Initially an oval village, it was destroyed in 1540 and reconstructed as a linear settlement along the embankment.

From the time of its foundation until 1945 it was called Kasemark, i.e. “The Cheese Market”, which is why initially after the war it was called Serowo – “Cheesetown”. The interesting spot to visit in the village is the Our Lady of Częstochowa Church. This single-nave temple with a frame structure was built in 1727. The church tower blends in with the body, on the base of which fragments of the older building are visible.

The upper part features four mechanical clock faces from the 19th Century and the south wall has two sundials – a stone one with the date 1653 and a wooden one from the early 19th Century. On both sides of the passage from the porch to the sub-tower area there are stone Gdańsk coats of arms from the 16th Century.



The temple’s interior still boasts the original Baroque furnishings; the Mannerist main altar founded by the Gdańsk Mayor Jan Czirenberg, a font and a pulpit from the 17th Century, and fragments of stalls from the 18th Century. The temple floor features 7 headstones from the 16th and 17th Centuries.

The churchyard, which was established in the 17th Century, still has several headstones left.



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