The Czołpino lighthouse (Lighthouse Trail)

The lighthouse is located on a high dune in the Słowiński National Park between Rowy and Łeba, near the car park and the entrance to the shifting dunes.

The 25.2-m-high lighthouse due to its location on a dune, its lamp is 75 m above sea level and has a range of 12 nautical miles.

The lighthouse, construction of which was completed in 1875, is located in Słowiński National Park in the strict protection area of ​​the Spit. The 25m high object rises on a high, wooded dune and is located 1000 meters from the shore.

A similar distance separates the lighthouse from the lighthouse keepers’ settlement, which makes it one of the few objects of this type located in such a distance from the nearest human settlements. Reaching the lighthouse requires completing the 1.5km section of a walking and cycling forest route, but the hardships are rewarded with the view stretching from its terrace, from where the moving dunes and the nearby Łebsko and Gardno lakes can be admired.

Interesting fact: The Lighthouse was opened to the public in 1994. Previously, it was a militarized area, inaccessible to ordinary citizens.




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