Stationary Battery at Redłowo

The decision to build the battery was taken in November 1946. The place for it was approved of in the summer of 1947 and the works soon began. On 12th August 1948, the first shooting from the cliffs at Redłowo was watched by Marshall Rola-Żymierski and Rear Admiral Włodzimierz Steyer – the Commander of the Navy. Positioned at a height of about 50 m, the guns were to defend Gdynia’s naval port against attacks from the sea. The battery consisted of four positions for the 130 m guns made of reinforced concrete. There were built several bomb shelters and an observation tower – all the objects are located in a military zone.

The battery at Redłowo is the best preserved post-war seaside battery and the most attractive military monument of Gdynia. The visitors may see all the positions: the gun on one of them was ground and painted, its metal guardrails reconstructed. Here one can also see information plates with descriptions and drawings. The artillery positions are accessible from Polanka Redłowska to one following the arrows (the starting point is at the Baden-Powell monument).




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