Staniszewskie Mud (Staniszewskie Bloto)

The reserve covers a vast peat bog forest ponds within the Mirachowskie Forest complex, in a watershed on the moraine plateau. It is one of the largest bogs in the Kashubian Lake District, and also the deepest known peat deposit in the Pomorskie voivodeship (average thickness of 5 and 6 m, maximum 11 m). Today, nearly on the entire surface of the bog occur forest communities. To the most valuable plant communities of the area belong peatmoss pine forest swamp and bog birch growing in groups with Lycopodium annotinum. In the reserve it was found five species under strict protection: marsh, round-leaved sundew, Goodyera unilateral Trichophorum turf, Lycopodium annotinum and lichens- Usnea hirta and Cladonia stellaris. Partially protected are two species: buckthorn Iceland moss and lichen. Also grows here crowberry and bog ordinary (listed in Polish Red Book of Plants). Up to 1968 the nature reserve and Staniszewskie Mud was the nesting mainstay of a wood grouse. Reserve access is designated via a birch alley, running across the area.




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