Staniszewskie Zdroje

The reserve covers a portion of Staniszewska Upland and its slopes on the left bank of the river Leba valley within the Mirachowskie Forests. The nature reserve protects a group of springs located among the steep slopes of moraine, along with specific processes taking place here, and present here geo-dynamic unique plant communities, and rare species of plants. Also present here are fertile lowland acid beech, ash and alder carr, and beech-oak forest. The peculiarity of this area are very rare in the lowlands foothill communities of Reed manna foothill riparian groves with horsetail giant ash. A the reserve there was found 10 species of vascular plants under strict protection such as Neottia, foxglove, lady’s slipper orchid, fern ordinary, horsetail, aconite pockmarked, daphne, Lycopodium clavatum, stiff clubmoss and 8 partially protected species: ivy, viburnum opulus, lily of the valley, wild ginger common, blackcurrant, woodruff, Hierochloë australis, and holygrass. Also grow here: Circaea indirect, Actaea spicata, bell Broad, valerian elder, glyceria, speedwell mountain sorrel gamekeeper, poa remota and vetch forest. Among lichens there are strictly protected two species of the genus usnea and bryoria. A forest road leads to the nature reserve through Mirachowo to Sianow, running along a protected area and marked as a red trail PTTK. This access road is determined on the edge of the largest cauldron in a strictly protected area of the reserve.



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