The Kazimierz Deyna Stadium in Starogard Gdański

You can meet Deyna himself in the stands, wearing a shirt of the Polish national team along with the ball, a permanent fixture in his life, watching the pitch and cheering for the young people training there. Unfortunately, it’s only a sculpture of the famous sportsman. It was made in life-size dimensions by a local artist and placed in the stands in order to emphasise, that one of the greatest Polish football players came from Starogard Gdański. The city designated a special trail featuring places connected to Deyna: family homes at ul. Lubichowska and ul. Grunwaldzka, Primary School at al. Jana Pawła II and the pitch of the Factory Sports Club “Włókniarz”, where young Kazimierz took his first steps in football. The Kazimierz Deyna Stadium is the last place on the trail. From here, he will forever cheer for sportsmen from Starogard and may be witness to the birth of such a great talent as he himself was.



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