The Sanctuary of the Birth of the Holiest Virgin Mary Queen of the Polish Sea in Swarzewo

The figure, which is famous for its miracles, is located in the main altar of the Swarzewo Sanctuary. Legend says that the statue of the Virgin Mary was left by the well at the shore of the bay in Swarzewo by Dutch sailors, whose prayers rescued them from a great storm. Due to the fact that the village did not have a church, the decision was made to take it to the church in Hel. In later times, after the reformation and convergence of most Catholics to Protestantism, the inhabitants of Hel threw the figure into the sea. However, it miraculously returned to its original location in Swarzewo and has become an object of cult since that time. Meanwhile, a chapel was built on the shore where it was found, which is home to a miraculous spring.

In the current church, which is the third in Swarzewo, the figure is located in the main altar, but is unveiled only occasionally. The temple itself was built in 1880 and is one of the most interesting examples of the neo-gothic style in Pomerania – it has a rich interior, which is mainly in the neo-gothic style. There are beautiful altars (main and side), as well as an imposing polychrome. The painting – map from 1684 is particularly interesting, as it depicts the Hel Peninsula and its surroundings and the illustrated history of the miraculous figure prior to its ultimate arrival in Swarzewo.

The church fairs in the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary Queen of the Polish Sea take place twice a year, in July and in September. Besides the church, Swarzewo also offers tourists a mini fishery heritage park on the bay. There is also a mooring post nearby. The entire terrain is particularly charming, overlooking the bay, Puck, as well as the Hel Peninsula.




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