Old Town Hall in Malbork

Numerous renovations after the devastation always followed during the siege of the city and the castle, mainly in 15th century. The evidence of these actions is in late Gothic southern construction summit. For centuries, inside the town hall took place municipal ceremonies. In 19th century its elevations undergone necessary restoration , also destroyed parts of tracery decoration were supplemented. The next renovation, mainly of the roof part was carried out after a fire in 1899. The Mayor and the Town Council worked there until 1929 when a New Town Hall (now the Town Hall) was opened. Later on it housed the German police. During World War II, the town hall was a place of death of Poles – forced laborers taken to Żuławy Malborskie. On the wall of the Town Hall there is a plaque commemorating the Poles from the organization “Young Forest” operating in the regions of Powisle, Warmia and Masuria during 1941- 1945. The plaque was funded by “The Association of Malbork Tour Guides”. Only here will you see the famous Malbork arcades. Today Town Hall is the seat of the Youth House of Culture.



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