Through the Tricity Landscape Park – Route B

In addition to the beautiful forests of the park (within which pretty much the whole trail runs), you will be able to also see several other interesting places. The following are especially noteworthy: the Forest Opera house in Sopot (near which you will start your excursion), and the sanctuary in Metemblewo (at the end of the trail). Moreover, a panorama of Gdańsk Bay will be your reward for overcoming the steep uphill section at the beginning of the trail. This, you will see from Łysa Góra – a winter-sports centre. Along the route, there is also a cemetery for the Soviet soldiers who died at the end of World War II. Moreover, you will encounter a fragment of the Valley of Joy, allegedly the most beautiful of valleys crossing the landscape park.

Your journey will end in Wrzeszcz. From here, you can take an urban train or continue your ride along cycling paths to Sopot, or to the historical centre of Gdańsk, or to the sea.

Length: 21 km

Difficulty: easy

Predominating surface: asphalt and dirt roads

Time needed to complete the trail: 2-3 hours

Recommended type of bicycle: trekking / mountain bike

Route: Sopot – Gdańsk Wrzeszcz


0 km – Sopot (a train station). From the train station, go along Podjazd Street (do not enter Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street), then down Al. Niepodległości Street and further onto Sikorskiego Street, to Armii Krajowej Street and finally to Abrahama Street. Turn in the direction of the Forest Opera house (on S. Moniuszki Street). Before Nowowiejskiego Pond, turn left onto a forest path leading uphill.

1.3 km – Wzgórze Olimpijskie. This is the cemetery for Soviet soldiers who had died in March 1945, during the fighting for Sopot and Gdańsk. From here, you are up in for a significant uphill section to Łysa Góra.

2.0 km – Łysa Góra. This is the location of a ski lift, and this is an excellent outlook over Sopot and Gdańsk Bay. One of the most difficult uphill sections of this trip is now behind you.

3.5 km – An intersection of forest paths. Turn left here.

4.3 km – An intersection with Reja Street (an asphalt road). Go straight uphill, crossing this road.

5.1 km – The Sopot Forest Service. Turn right and then make a sharp left turn. This pretty good road will take you to Spacerowa Street.

6.5 km – Spacerowa Street. Cross this busy communication artery and go south along it on a forest path.

7.3 km – An intersection of forest paths. Gently turn right. Straight ahead there is the road to Osnowa. This lies within a deep gorge. Turn right instead and go south.

8.1 km – A sheepfold. Nearby there is a large sheep farm, as well as several allotments. Go approx. 300 m along the edge of the forest, then turn right. From here, go south along Galaktyczna Street, to the end of the allotments, and then turn again into the forest.

10.0 km – Turn left, and then turn right after 200 metres. Ahead, you will see a gorge that will soon become the Valley of Joy.

12.5 km – The Valley of Joy. The picturesque vicinity, with its beautiful views, explains the origin of this name. Before the trout house, turn right onto the so-called “Klesza Droga” (Priest’s Road). Here, you return to the beech forest of the Landscape Park (this time, by travelling along a longer uphill section).

15.3 km – Słowackiego Street. Cross this artery, taking a passage under it. From now on, you will go downhill all the way while travelling upon a fairly good forest path.

16.4 km – Matemblewo. Nearby, there is the Sanctuary of the Pregnant Holy Mother. This is located within a beautiful forest valley. Follow Matemblewska Street, to Słowackiego Street.

17.7 km – Słowackiego Street. This is the beginning of a cycling path that will lead you to the centre of Wrzeszcz.

20.7 km – The Galeria Bałtycka Shopping Centre. This is the intersection with Al. Zwycięstwa Street.

21.3 km – Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz (a train / urban rail station).


sanktuarium w matemblewie
sanktuarium w matemblewie




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