Paragliding Lessons

The idea was to facilitate basic training for people with no previous experience in the discipline. Trained pilots, on the other hand, were to be provided professional aid during the most dangerous period for the beginners, that is, when their courage greatly outweighs their skill. Currently, anyone can perfect their pilot’s performance under the supervision of qualified staff who ensure safety and are pleased to share their knowledge. We are a group of friends,fascinated by flying. Our team includes top Polish participants in aviation competitions and those pilots who prefer to fly simply for the fun of it. We jointly organise championships, training, and flights to different interesting regions in Europe.

If you want to learn how to paraglide you need to:

 be at least 18 years of age or have your 16th birthday in the year you wish to begin your training and you provide written consent from your parents or guardians;

 have your primary education completed;

 produce a certificate to your training instructor which confirms that your overall health is good and allows you to paraglide;

 wear an outfit which does not restrain your movement capacity and shoes that cover your ankles and protect your ankle joint.




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