Nordic Walking Sztutowo (The Yellow Trail)

At first, it leads along Obozowa Street towards the Stutthof Museum. Along the way you pass the former camp’s shooting range. The vista, running alongside the former concentration camp, allows you to visit the Museum and go back onto the trail. Following the route for about a kilometre you reach the pyre where the Nazis burnt the corpses of inmates. This is also where the trail diverges to the right, later leading through the forest. Every now and then the tree stand changes. The route gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sights of handsome spruces and marshlands with small birches sprawled around.

Name: The Yellow (“Museum”) Trail

Level: easy

Length: 3.4 km

Road type: gravel road for about 1 km, forest vista, sandy road for about 2 km

Altitude difference: 10 m

Completion time: approx. 40 min.




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