West Kashubian Museum

The Western Kashubian Museum in Bytów occupies the northern, oldest wing of the castle called the Knight's House, as well as two adjoining towers: the Mill Tower and the Powder Tower, as well as the curtain defensive wall.

We begin the tour on the ground floor, where there is a permanent ethnographic exhibition dedicated to the material culture of the Bytów Kashubians. From the last of the six rooms of this exhibition, we ascend winding brick stairs to the first floor. Here, there are exhibitions of a historical nature, referring to the times of the Teutonic Order and the rule of the Griffins in the land of Bytów. After visiting the exhibition on the first floor, we return to the winding Gothic staircase to reach the second floor. On the right side of the corridor, there is an entrance to the extensive temporary exhibition hall.

To reach the Mill Tower and the defensive walls, we return to the narrow corridor. At its end, there is a fork: if we turn left, we will reach the Mill Tower, where there is an exhibition dedicated to the history of Bytów, located on the top floor. From the tower, descending the steps, we reach the defensive walls, from which the entire castle courtyard is clearly visible. This is where the museum tour ends. To exit, one must return from the walls towards the tower, then, following the arrows on the walls, walk through a long corridor, which also serves as the northern defensive wall, as evidenced by narrow shooting slits through which the city in the valley can be seen. At the end of the corridor, one should turn right onto the main staircase, which will lead visitors to the castle courtyard.



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