St. Catherine and St. John the Baptist’s Church in Bytów

It is a typical triple-aisle hall church, in which, from the northern side, the middle aisle elevation develops into a high, square tower. The octagonal core of the tower is topped with a conical cupola. Built as the Evangelical church of St. Elisabeth, it neighboured the Catholic church of St. Catherine, whose tower and foundations today constitute one of the town’s attractions.

Since 1945, Catholic Masses have been celebrated in the church, as the pastor opened his church to the local Catholics after their church was destroyed by the Russians. After the displacement of the Germans, the church was taken over by the Catholic parish and Catherine of Alexandria and John the Baptist became Patron Saints. Inside the building there is an interesting pipe organ from 1907 and two bells from 1820-1821, founded by King Frederic William III.

Autor: J.Musioł, LOT Kaszuby Bytowskie

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP



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