St. Mary Magdalene’s Church in Ugoszcz

In the 16th Century, the church was taken over by the Protestants, and was back in Catholic hands only by the end of the 17th Century. In 1812, the building burned down and its reconstruction took several years. At the beginning of the 20th Century, the church was partially renovated and has lasted in this form to this day.

The church in Ugoszcz has a framework construction filled with brick, and its rectangular wall base is made of stone. The church tower is of the post-and-beam construction, with a pitched roof covered with tile. Inside the church there is a Rococo main altar with the painting of the Virgin Mary with Child and a portrait of the church’s Patron Saint. The Baroque side altars are dedicated to Saints. Barbara and Joseph, and the church walls are decorated with Stations of the Cross dating back to the mid 19th Century.

In order to see this magnificent historical monument, you have to go 9km south of Bytów.

Autor: J.Musioł, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP

Foto: M.Bieliński, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




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