The St. James’ Church in Krępsko

The aisle body, built on a square plane, is exactly 29 old Polish feet long, which is approximately 8.35 m, while the presbytery was only 21 old Polish feet long (6.05 m). The bell tower of the temple was not separated from the building and composes its west facade. This is the only church in the region, which has brushes tied in the corners in so-called simple French locks, presenting the method of fixing beams in old sacral buildings.

The interior of the temple is preserved in a Baroque style, which emphasises the uniqueness of this place even further. The main altar, with its rich decorations and the antependium, i.e. the curtain covering the lower part of the altar, and the cordovan, i.e. the leather embossed with patterns, is the main element of the furnishing. Furthermore, the beautiful pulpit from the chapel of the Człuchowo Castle, the baptism font and the organ prospects from the 18th Century are only some of the elements composing the uniqueness of this location.



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