St. Barbara’s Church in Gdańsk

Despite numerous devastations caused by fires and the armies of Stefan Batory and Napoleon, it was rebuilt each time. The tower, which is 40 m in height, was added to the church only in the early 17th Century. Inside the tower, there are three red-bronze bells, given by the priests of the Diocese of Magdeburg. In 1945, as a result of the war, the gables collapsed, along with the upper part of the tower and the roof, and most of the roof in the northern chapels and arcades separating the aisles. The church was rebuilt only in 1956-1967. During reconstruction, the side aisle was taken apart, and the church lost its unique shape shown in the old illustrations and paintings. The interior was furnished with contemporary elements, accompanied by historical sculptures donated by the National Museum in Gdańsk. While admiring the interior, take a closer look at the modern stained glass located on the street side of the church, created by Barbara Massalska.

Autor: B. Barski, GOT

Foto: R. Baranowski, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




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