Saint Mary of the Angels’ Church in Obrzynowo

The village is located in Resia (Resyn), an old-Prussian settlement, with the earliest mentions from the 13th Century, when the Teutonic knights, led by Henryk of Miśnia, pulled down the Prussian stronghold. Saint Mary of the Angels’ church was built in the 14th Century and rebuilt in the 16th/18th Centuries. It is located on a small hill, with a rectangular section, oriented (to the east – in the direction of Christ in Jerusalem), built of brick on the field-stone base, plastered, with low buttresses in the hips. The church has a pitched roof and its square tower is topped with a cupola, heightened in 1737. The eastern top of the church is built in the Gothic style, with blind windows, topped with pinnacles. There is an offset door portal in the facade, closed with a sharp curve, and a wooden Baroque gallery with organ front, and tin altar candlesticks from the early 19th Century.

Autor: LOT Liwa

Foto: R.Baranowski, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP



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