Christ the King’s Church in Kołczygłowy

The church is situated in the middle of the village, on a small hill. It is the oldest Prussian wall building in the Bytów Kashubia. Its white shape and black beams decorating the walls are visible from far away. The temple was built in 1832, thanks to the funds of the Puttkamer clan, the family of Bismarck’s wife Joanna.

In 2002, the interior of the church burned down. The reconstructed temple is home to marble figures and the sculpture of Christ made from 800- year-old olive wood from Sicily. The sculptures decorate the interior of the church thanks to an Italian artist, who fell in love with this location while visiting his friend, Czesław Lang. His work can also be admired in the Vatican.

The unique temple in Kołczygłowy is a must-see when visiting the area of Bytów. There is no way to miss it, as it stands at the main route from Bytów to Słupsk, in the centre of town.




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