The Barnowo Estate

He came from an affluent and powerful family from Pomerania, boasting the ownership of nearly all the local mansions. The construction of the Barnowo Estate commenced in 1730. After World War II this once-handsome family seat was acquired by a State farm (PGR). Currently, the late-Baroque structure, comprising the main body with a porch and an adjoining northern wing with a square tower from the 19th Century, is a private property of a renowned Polish cyclist and organiser of the Tour de Pologne, Czesław Lang. This is how he describes his residence:

“I bought an old house in Barnowo and took my time with the renovation. It took me ten years to complete. Not far from here, about two kilometres or so, is my birthplace, Kołczygłowy. When I was a child, I lived in Barnowo. Then I moved to Gostkowo. I always return here with great joy and nostalgia since I love contact with nature – lakes and forests – and this place is really quiet and pristine.”



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