Holy Trinity and All Saints’ Church in Goręczyno

“This church was built for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity and All Saints – in the time of Brother Kasper Kochelius, Carthusian Prosecutor in Trewir – in 1639“.

Among the most valuable relics of the church, made in the Gothic style, are the figure of Our Lady of Mercy in the main altar, and the sculpture of St. Barbara. In the tower, there is a bell from 1400, weighing 717 kg. Another valuable object is the 17th-Century sculpture of St. Bruno, the Patron Saint of the Carthusians, located in the rectory garden. The church furnishings date back mainly to 17th and 18th Century. The altars represent Baroque art. The main altar is devoted to All Saints, the left side altar to the Holy Trinity and the right to the Virgin Mary. In the main altar, there is a portable painting with the above-mentioned figure of Our Lady of Mercy behind it. The furnishings of the church, which constitute its beauty, include stained glass windows, a refurbished baptismal font, an old pulpit, renovated pipe organ, paintings and banners and Kashubian candlesticks and altar settings.

Foto: R.Baranowski, Dep. Turystyki, UMWP




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