St. Michael the Archangel’s Church in Gdynia Oksywie

The temple is built is a way characteristic of medieval rural Pomeranian churches. The single-aisle temple ends with a polygonal presbytery. A tower with a Baroque copula and entrance is located on the east side.

The church has very strong ties to the War Navy. It is home to a plaque dedicated to the priest Władysław Miegoń, the chaplain of the War Navy, who died in the Dachau concentration camp, and plaques dedicated to the memory of Admiral Józef Unrug and Admiral Jerzy Świrski. The temple has the plaques to the Pińsk and Vistula Flotillas and the Polish Navy officers executed in 1952. A field altar is located outside. Behind it, on the wall of the church, are six plaques dedicated to the War Navy ships (“Grom”, “Orzeł”, “Jastrząb”, “Kujawiak”, “Orkan” and “Dragon”), which were sunk during the battles of World War II. Each ship has its own plaque, which contains the name, location and date of the ship’s sinking, the motto of a Polish poet and the expression “Mersis in bello” (“Sunk in battle”). In 1983, the whole church was consecrated and is referred to as the Small Pantheon of the War Navy.

There is a cemetery next to the church, which is the eternal place of rest of the people associated with this location, with Poland and with the War Navy. This necropolis is considered as one of the most beautiful in Pomerania.




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