Brodno Wielko Lake

It is connected to Ostrzyckie and Małe Brodno Lakes with their magnificent inlets. The Radunia River also flows through the lake. The water level of this lake is at the height of 160.2 metres, while the northern shore is initially very low and marshy. Further south, however, the shoreline starts to rise to a height of ca. 50 metres above the water level. The average depth of this lake is 6.6 m, and its waters are of the 2nd purity class. It is here that the Polish National Team prepared themselves for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The lake is located in the picturesque area of the Kashubian Switzerland, and it attracts, year after year, numerous groups of adventure tourists. You can find here a marina, and can marvel at the stunning panorama of the lake and neighbouring hills as seen from the Złota Góra Outlook. In the vicinity, one can stay at the holiday resorts of Brodnica Górna, Brodnica Dolna and Ręboszewo.




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