The Hawk Hill Viewpoint

The view from behind is covered by the dome of Jastrzębia Góra. In addition, Wielkie Brodno Lake is seen in all its glory, towered over by Brodnica Górna. To the left, we can see the buildings of Brodnica Dolna, the forested Łączyński Uplands and the Czapielski Highlands. In the middle, the shining waters of the Ostrzyckie Lake flow before our eyes. Looking to the left, we see the buildings of Szymbark, with its visible church tower. The middle plan presents the picturesque branching of the lake, the shore of which is home to the “Ostrzyce Forest” reserve. Looking up and to the left, we can finally see the highest peak of the Szymbark Hills, the Wieżyca, as well as the forested Kolańska Huta Hills and the Trzbień Hill.



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