The Caves in Mechowo

The caves were discovered during geological studies performed in the village. They experienced many cave-ins, after which they were dug up and renovated, so that the tourists could once again admire the Kashubian land. Caves were formed in the depression of a valley, which cuts through the upland of Kępa Starzyńska descending into the Płotnicka Valley.

The first mentions of the caves come from 1829, but they were quickly forgotten, and only in 1910 did the Prussian Government buy the terrain on which they are located, renovate the underground treasures and allocate them for tourist use. Initially, only the first part of the caves was accessible, while the further corridor, which contained the most interesting dripstones, was buried.

The works to uncover the depths of the caves and renovate them with the plan to open them a year later for the curious tourists who would like to enter the depths of the underground system began in 1948. Unfortunately, in 1981 the attraction caved-in again and was reconstructed under the supervision of a team of mining engineers and technicians, who also included works to secure the caves.

The entrance to the caves is located below the level of the surrounding terrain. The ceiling of the caves is composed of a layer of sandstone in combination with a limestone binder, the walls contain loose sand, and the bottom is sandy. In several places you can admire dripstones. The most beautiful of these are located in the lower corridor reaching almost 38 m into the escarpment. Unfortunately, this part of the caves is accessible only to speleologists.

The caves in Mechowo are the most interesting attraction of an inanimate nature in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. They constitute a rare display of karst forms developed in Mechowo during the latest ice age.



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