The Schlieff Family House in Gdańsk

This clan produced six Gdańsk councillors and an Oliwa Abbott. The owners of the house changed numerous times, until the beginning of the 18th Century, when it was inherited by Walenty Schlieff. The new owner purchased the adjoining tenement, connected the perrons and created a new, enormous estate. The general economic slowdown of the city caused the tenement to fall into ruin. Its erstwhile owner decided to tear it down and build a new house, but the enthusiasts of the Gdańsk architectural pearls decided to fight this idea. There was a possibility of abandoning the demolition, but at the great cost of 1000 thalers. The city council did not want to support the social initiative, forcing the need to search for other solutions. The campaign went so far that it reached King Frederick William III, who was planning the construction of a palace on Peacock Island in Potsdam. The beautiful historical facade of the tenement was sold to the King for 300 thalers and transported on ships to its new location. From that time, the facade from Chlebnicka Street was one of the walls of the square tower built by Schinkl. Following damage resulting from the war, a new house with a copy of the facade from Peacock Island was built on the location of the demolished tenement. This is the richest gothic facade decorating a Gdańsk tenement.




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