Chlebnicka Gate in Gdansk

A gateway name refers to bread benches, or medieval stalls lining the street. Here was once sold bread.

In its present Gothic form the gate dates back to the 15th century, making it the oldest of the three surviving late Gothic water gates in Gdansk. Its old age indicates not only its architectural form, but also a crest of Gdansk placed on a passing from the Motlawa river picturing two silver crosses on the target in the red, without a crown added in 1457.Moreover, from the Chlebnicka street there is placed over the passing a mark, currently the most widely interpreted as a lily – the former coat of arms of the princes of Gdansk Pomerania from the Sobieslawic dynasty.

Of all the water gates Chlebnicka gate survived the end of World War II in the best condition and is to this day in the same form as at the old photographs.




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