The House under the Negro

It is located on the Motława River next to the Gdańsk Marina and is a true decoration of this part of town. The artistically decorated portal with the figure of a Negro in the blazon draws particular attention. Legend says that Strzycki, a particularly talented stoneworker, took a long time to gain the approval of the Gdańsk stoneworker community. One of the guild’s representatives was even supposed to say that the sculptor was so poor, in his eyes, he would always be a “miserable Negro”. Over the years, Strzycki perfected his craft in a granary rented nearby. When he became a wealthy man, he designed and built a beautiful and artistic manor, which brought him fame and respect. However, the past resentment remained and was reflected in the aforementioned Negro on the portal. To honour Strzycki’s talent, the nearby bridge began to be referred to as the “Stoneworker Bridge. Today, the manor is home to the “Podewils” luxurious hotel, the name of which comes from the surname of the well-known Pomeranian family of Podwilcz.




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