The Ferber House in Gdańsk

The tenement has been referred to as “Adam and Eve”, after the low reliefs of these figures located on the entrances and presenting the biblical scene of the Fall of Man.

The influential Gdańsk Ferber family (of the “Three Boar Heads” coat of arms) produced six mayors, numerous councillors, jurors, and two parish priests of the Marian Church in Gdańsk. The tenement’s attic hosts the coats of arms of Poland, Gdańsk and Royal Prussia, held up high by pairs of unicorns, angels and lions.

The Czirenberg-Freder House is located next door at number 29. It was built in the baroque style in approximately 1620. The interior contains the heads of Roman emperors and Latin inscriptions. The middle inscription states: “Pro invidia” (“For Jealousy”).



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