The Chocina Route – the river of a thousand bridges

Its placid current takes the canoe on a trip around mainly meadows and fields, and only at times do several trees appear on the riverbank. What is more, you can often encounter footbridges hung across the water which provide a break from the monotony of the trip. With little effort, though, they can be passed without stepping out of your canoe. The moments when the route runs through short forest sections will take your breath away, as they arouse admiration even in the most experienced of canoeists, who have seen a lot. The lower course of the route is also extraordinary, and you can easily lose the sense of your whereabouts there. The river also meanders so much in the fields that, when you have companions, you can see each rowing in a different direction.

The Chocina Route: 24 km

The recommended route: Zielona Chocina – Swornegacie

Number of days: 1

Difficulty: easy

Number of portages: 4



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